Vein Quiz

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether the discomfort in your legs is just one of those common aches or pains resulting from a busy day, or whether it is symptomatic of a larger problem that requires medical care. Take our quiz below and discover whether you might qualify for treatment for vascular issues at Empire Vein Specialists.

Does your family (related by blood only) have a history of vein problems?
Do your legs feel tired, fatigues, or simply “heavy” at times?
Can you see varicose and/or spider veins on your legs?
Does prolonged standing or sitting cause leg pain?
Do you experience tingling, itching, cramping, burning, or numbness in your feet and/or legs?
Do your ankles sometimes or frequently swell by the end of the day?
Is the skin on your feet and/or legs discolored?
Do you have ulcers or open sores on your lower legs and/or ankles?
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