Empire Vein Specialists es parte de la familia de clínicas de Desert Vein and Vascular Institute. Nuestra clínica privada esta diseñada para suplir sus necesidades, usted estará en comunicación directa con nuestra especialista, la Dra. Nina Grewal. Cada caso es especial y le ofrecemos soluciones innovadoras que le aseguren el mejor resultado posible.

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    A veces es difícil saber si el dolor de nuestras piernas proviene a causa de un día pesado, o si son síntomas de algo más serio que requiere cuidado médico. Tome nuestro cuestionario y descubra si usted es candidato para tratamiento de problemas vasculares en Empire Vein Specialists.

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    • I really liked my experience at Empire Vein Specialists. They did an excellent job fulfilling my needs and taking good care of me. I would recommend it to anyone!

      - Maral S.

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    • What a pleasant experience. Went first for a second opinion and ultrasound. The tech was very kind and reassuring. Went back to meet and consult with Dr. Grewal and was so impressed that I will be going back to her for the actual procedure and while I’m not looking forward to it, I’m not nearly as nervous as I was before.

      - Cynthia C.

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    • Excelente servicio e intalaciones.

      - Minerva M.

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    • Great experience. Dr. Grewal and staff are very caring and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend them. I plan to go back and have my other leg treated.

      - Nanci L.

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    • Dr. Grewal and her team at Empire Vein Specialists are truly amazing. I had the ClosureFast Procedure done on the veins in both my legs. I am so pleased with the results thus far. My swelling and pain has reduced tremendously and each day gets better. Not to mention how much better my legs look and feel. I HIGHLY recommend her office for issues with vascular veins. They made the entire process effortless. Thank you.

      - Abeer M.

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    • My friend and I decided to come in for a procedure called Sclerotherapy and I have had this done before at three other places, saying that I was very impressed with the level of professionalism and punctuality. The clinic is very beautiful, procedure rooms with very modern furniture throughout. Thank you, Dr. Grewal, for the excellent experience and very informative tips on how to follow up with post care. I will definitely refer all my friends and family.

      - Nadia A.

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    • I have nothing but good experiences here. Everybody is so polite and friendly from the receptionist to everyone in the back. The doctor is very thorough. She is awesome. I will recommend this place to family and friends.

      - Erick O.

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    Los doctores en Empire Vein Specialists se comprometen en ayudarlo en su cuidado de termino largo. Ellos le proveerán cuidado de sus venas inmediato, de alta calidad, comprensivo, personalizado y comprobado para que usted pueda tener mejor calidad de vida.



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