What Is Minimally Or Non Invasive Varicose Vein Treatment?

When looking back at medical history, it becomes clear that we are living in the Golden Age of varicose vein treatment. Only in very recent years have the primary treatment methods evolved from major invasive surgery to what is classified as minimally invasive. This is a significant advantage for the health, safety, and recovery of vascular patients.

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In fact, the preferred treatment today is sclerotherapy, using VenaSeal™ in a procedure so advanced that it is nearly non-invasive. The procedure involves a simple needle injection, which goes directly into the diseased vein with just a small puncture and local anesthesia. Common treatments from less than a decade ago included surgical ligation and vein stripping under much heavier anesthesia.

The term non-invasive medical procedure when defined in the strictest sense means any procedure that involves an incision or piercing of the skin. By definition, modern varicose vein treatment is classified as minimally invasive, but it is very far removed from treatments of the past.

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There are incredible advantages with this type of sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins. Not putting a patient under general anesthesia (inducing a sleep-like state) increases a patient’s overall health outcome. Not surgically incising the patient’s skin to access the diseased vein reduces pain, recovery time, and risk. These benefits clearly improve a patient’s quality of life, during and after treatment.

Be sure that varicose vein treatment is performed by a board certified doctor widely experienced with the various treatment options available. While sclerotherapy treatment is effective for most patients, there are other considerations best evaluated by the most qualified professional available to you. A vein specialist doctor or vascular surgeon is your best choice for varicose vein treatment.

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